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The Mitsubishi ASX

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Word on the street is that there’s a new ride in town. A ride so powerful and thrilling that it jolts the senses and inspires adventure. Introducing the new Mitsubishi ASX, a class-topping compact SUV built to take you further than you’ve ever imagined. So turn on the ignition and savor that adrenaline rush. Today is going to be epic.

Full Command Surrounds You At A Glance

Color Liquid Crystal Multi-information Display

Attractively designed color liquid crystal multi-information display provides a useful readout of vehicle, trip and outside temperature. With a large, 3.3-inch size for improved visibility, this display makes it easy for drivers to stay informed.

INVECS-III CVT with 6-step Sports Mode

The 2.0-liter engine is teamed with the new INVECS-III (Intelligent & Innovative Vehicle Electronic Control System) CVT (Continuously VariableTransmission) featuring Sports Mode, ideally tuned to deliver effortless acceleration from any speed. In addition, the INVECS-III CVT provides improved fuel efficiency, while Sports Mode offers all the sporty control of manual shifting without the hassle of a clutch.

Your Natural Environment

Panoramic Glass Roof with Interior LED Illumination

The panoramic glass roof adds a new dimension to the drive, allowing you and your passengers to enjoy the view from every direction. Retracting the sunshade reveals a full-size glass roof panel extending over the front and rear seats. At night, the roof is attractively illuminated with LED lamps.

9-speaker Rockford Fosgate® Premium Sound System

This system features high-quality sound and bass response with a powerful punch.The speakers are fitted precisely into the door panels, turning them into frequency enhancing speaker cabinets. In addition, sound levels are automatically adjusted to suit the vehicle’s speed.

Active Performance

Engine Switch + Keyless Operation System

The Keyless Operation System lets you activate the ignition just by pressing the button located near the center of the dash panel with the brake depressed and the shift in parking position for CVT, or with the clutch pedal depressed and shift in neutral position for manual transmission. Once you’ve arrived, one more push shuts the engine off.

Paddle Shifters & Cruise Control

Mounted within easy reach, the paddle shifters allow you to enjoy sporty control while keeping both hands safely on the wheel. Shifting is quick and easy, with up- and down-shifts requiring just a simple press once ASX is in ‘D’ mode. For added convenience, the current gear position is clearly displayed on the multi-information display. Paddle shifters can also be equipped with cruise control, for greater performance on the road.

Electronically Controlled 4WD

Using one centrally located button, the system permits freely switching between 3 drive modes depending on driving condition or environment. Easily accessible on the floor console, the drive-mode selector button can quickly change the ASX’s drive mode from fuel-efficient 2WD, to 4WD Lock Mode for mastering even demanding off-road or weather conditions.

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