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The Suzuki Swift Dzire


Give In To Dzire

The new Dzire is as irresistible as it gets. This authentic sedan comes in the perfect size and oozes exquisite style, which catches your eye. It turns your everyday drive into an extraordinary experience, thanks to its spacious and comfortable interior that makes it ideal for you and your family. No wonder, you’ll give in to it.

Give In To Impeccable Style And Perfect Size

It’s not easy to keep your eyes away from the Dzire. After all, it’s quite stunning to look at. Its exquisite design accentuates a signature sedan style with sleek and elegant lines. Further, the car’s perfect size makes it easy to handle and maneuver even on narrow roads. Get used to the attention it grabs, when you take it out for a drive.

Give In To Refined Taste

As you enter the Dzire, the first thing you’ll notice is the plush stylish interior. The elegant sedan styling and iconic polygonal design theme flow harmoniously into the spacious cabin and perfectly fuses with the ergonomically positioned controls. A touch of silver accents in a black interior gives it a premium look. Get ready to indulge in luxury while the world stares in awe.

Give In To Space And Comfort

When you are seated in the Dzire, the experience is of sheer bliss. As you sit back and relax you’ll be filled with an urge to stay inside its spacious and comfy interior for as long as you can.

Give In To A Pleasant Drive

The new Dzire makes your drive pleasant by merging the merits of a light and rigid new-generation platform “HEARTECT” with the high power and torque of a 1.2L VVT engine. Experience the excellence of a powerful but smooth drive.

Give In To Peace Of Mind

The Dzire wins your confidence with its top-of-the-line safety features. It ensures maximum protection for you and your co-passengers, letting you focus on just enjoying the drive.

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