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The Suzuki Swift

Swift Uplifts You

A car has to be an entity that stirs the emotions. The new Swift is meant to drive the heart. Standout character articulated through styling and colour. Conformable and unbinding. Welcome to a daily urge to get behind the wheel and to an exciting car experience that knows no end. In every possible way, the Swift “UPLIFTS”.

Beauty needs to be more than skin deep. What counts is being able to express the Swift’s essence of being “made to drive”. An overwhelming presence generated by a low, short and wide stance. The manifestation of overflowing dynamism and muscular lines. Styling that creates a sensation of movement, even at rest, accelerates the driver’s emotions.

Aimed at driving that elevates. A renewed platform and suspension take the Swift’s nimble feel and effortless handling to a higher level, enhancing its “more than just for the city” pedigree. Everything done has been to enthrall drivers around the world with a sporty and passion-surging experience behind the wheel.

Driving Performance Uplifts Your Emotions

Two engines with different characteristics: The downsized 1.0 BOOSTERJET direct-injection turbo engine creates torque on par with those of a naturally aspirated 1.8-litre engine from only one litre of displacement, while delivering excellent fuel economy. Its direct-injection system contributes to both low fuel consumption and the lowering of temperatures within the engine’s cylinders. Furthermore, the turbocharger, which forces compressed air into the cylinders, produces high engine torque even from the low-revolution range, making it suitable for a wide spectrum of driving environments, from urban driving to sporty driving away from the city.

Meanwhile, the 1.2 DUALJET engine features dual injectors for each cylinder, which results in greatly increased thermal efficiency. Knocking is suppressed by various cooling measures, such as a water-cooled EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system, even though the compression ratio has been increased by making the combustion chamber compact. It is an easy-to-handle engine that strikes an ideal balance between optimal power and good fuel performance.

Quick and expansive acceleration. Cornering performance that lets you keep to your intended course. The Swift has been reborn with attention paid to every detail of its powertrain and platform for the further evolution of driving that lets the driver feel at one with the car and be in full control. Especially because the powertrain and platform are irreplaceable parts of the driving experience, advanced technologies have been adopted without reserve, even in places beyond the view of the driver.

The Cockpit Uplifts Your Passion

Instantaneously being one with the car after getting into the driver’s seat in a cockpit designed with the driver in mind

Once seated, the impulse to take off immediately begins to well up inside, thanks to a meticulously implemented “driver first” design. The racecar-like, D-shaped steering wheel, front seats that firmly hold, and a centre console angled toward the driver help form a more-sporty, higher-quality environment that unifies car and driver.

Easy-to-see and stylish meter cluster: The gleaming satin chrome accenting the blacked-toned interior, also adorns the two main, minutely scaled gauges, laid out in stylish fashion and featuring red and white highlights. Underlining the easy-to-see, sporty design, within the main gauges are displayed water temperature and fuel level, giving the overall design the air of chronograph watches.

Multi-information colour LCD: An advanced multi-information 4.2-inch colour TFT LCD occupies the centre of the meter cluster to inform the driver with accurate and intuitively understandable data on vehicle behaviour and operation. Graphically presented are G-forces, engine output and torque, and accelerator and brake use, among others.

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